Welcome to Term 3

Welcome back to Term 3.  Unfortunately the weather has not been very inviting and doesn't look to be getting much better in the short term.  This has a big impact on lunchtimes, cooped inside.  I  have invited the children to bring board games from home if they wish.  Games which can be played in about half an hour are best.  Please ensure they are named well and in a large plastic bag.

This term we are studying China.  There will be a bit regarding the Olympics but the major focus is life in China.  Later in the term we will be having a workshop day for the children to experience different activities.  We will be looking for some volunteers to help, so if you have any skills with any Chinese activities we would love to hear from you.

We start the term with speeches.  Hopefuly your children have written them by now and are busy practising them.  The speech does need to have a persuasive element.

Looking forward to a great and busy term.

Also looking forward to some sun!!!!!

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