Jayden's first day in Room22

 Yesterday was my first day in room 22.My class teacher’s name is Mrs Seo. She is a Korean teacher who is really good at speaking English. I was really surprised. I was really happy to see my friends again. My friends are Elton, Logan, James, Brayden, and Sung-Hyun are Korean. Elton is from Taiwan, Logan and Brayden are Kiwis. I’ve known them since I was in year 5.

I’ve enjoyed fitness, too. We played octopus. Octopus is a game that when the teacher blows the whistle, the people who are not in must run across the two yellow lines not being tagged by the people who are in have to stay between  the two yellow lines. If you have got tug by the people who are in, you must stay where you’ve got tug and tag people. We made a chart each which was about ourselves. We wrote our name, favourite colours, food, animals, our age and our dreams. I really enjoyed doing that because other students will know about me and I will be able to know them.

 We did the S.S.R too. I was reading “What’s Living On Our Body?” It was a science book. There were many strange pictures in the book, They looked like insects. At P.E. Time, we played corner ball. The rule was to get the opponents with a ball. We had to pass the ball to our team who is close to the opponents. The person who is holding the ball can’t move. If   someone drops the ball, then it is the other teams ball. I thought Michael was the best. I really enjoyed today, I hope tomorrow comes soon.

Jayden Eun 
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