Colin Gover - ACEC Conference - Canberra 08

These are the 4 PowerPoint Presentations from the 4 workshops I took at the ACEC Conference held in Canberra, Australia in September 08

Vlog It - video logs and video blogs

MVTV - using Adobe Visual Communicator

Plan your video plan - using Adobe Premier Elements

Chroma Keying - using Adobe Photoshop


VLog It - video logs and video blogs


MVTV - using Visual Communicator 3

This workshop is a hands on workshop showing what we do at MVTV - how you can start your own studio or just start with a "Sports Report"

We started with a video camera, a 26" TV and a video recorder - it took us about 3 weeks to put a show together then we went rond the classes asking "Do you want to see our show"

Sound familiar - look at what we do - take out what you need and go and try it !

If you do create footage then send it to us and we will feature it on MVTV and let you know !



Plan your video - using Adobe Premier Elements

This is a brief "taster" session using the editing features for video, pictures and music.

We will create a small MVTV show using some footage, pictures and music from an MVTV show. 



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